Thursday, 6 July 2017

Mad Max/ PlayStation 4

Lets start with the sad facts, about the fantastic open world game, Mad Max.....its broken. I watched a YouTube video, were the content creator, speaking about the game Mad Max, dropped in a disclaimer, claiming that Mad Max is not a buggy game. I can only imagine, that he was fearful of not receiving ad revenue, because quite frankly, he is full of shit. After almost 5 days, of hard graft, to try and complete the game, platinum trophy and all, I have come across the well documented scrap glitch, that can stop you from completing all non-repeating challenges and therefor put a spanner in the works of attempting the platinum completion. It is a total head fuck, when you are so sure that you are going to be able to get this one and yet another reason not to rush out and buy AAA titles at full price. Why, I must ask, after this game has been out for so long, is it an issue? I am not the only one to of had this problem, so surely it could of been fixed and if not, then why send out a game that cannot be fully completed? Money, that's fucking why, every fucking time! Okay, I get it. Big businesses, with big shares to pay out, need to make sure they can cover their costs, but surely, it makes more sense, to focus, on satisfying those who are going to put the money into your bank account, to cover such costs in the first place. Surely? Rant over. If you happen to know a way around this glitch, please inform me in the comment section, so that I may finish the game, because up until this had happened, I had had an absolute blast of nostalgia, whilst playing this game.  

As is the case with the Alien franchise (see my Alien Isolation and Colonial Marines reviews), my love of Mad Max, goes way back. I am not sure which of the films that it is, that I saw first, but I do know which one sticks in my mind most (the often underappreciated), Beyond Thunderdome. I may of seen this one first and then went in reverse, noting that the first of the films is very different to what comes afterwards. Also, as was the case with purchasing Alien: Isolation, I waited and watched the price of Mad Max fall, before deciding to pick up the metal tin, special edition, at a low price.

'When I was younger, I didn't purchase games at full price, because of a lack of funds.' 
'Today I do not purchase them at full price, because there are so many issues with modern games.'

The shiny tin then sat at home, looking shiny, until the completion of another game I was playing happened and I decided it was now time to crack open the tin. The contents, was worth the £15 that I paid for it second hand. Still in good condition, the codes were almost all unused and a giant poster was to be found, also in good condition. Would I have been pleased with this contents at full price? Slightly satisfied, is the answer.
'If you haven't realised already, I am slightly pissed about my experience with Mad Max, so far.'
Once fired up (loading) and into the explosive opening of the game, my interests were certainly piqued. I will admit, that it began very true to the films of Mad Max, no messing around, the intentions are set, like a match striking gasoline (Throughout, the words, high octane gasoline, kept coming into my mind); however, I can imagine, if you are a 20-something year old, who has possibly only seen the newest of Mad Max film instalments and have been playing none stop Ubisoft titles, that Mad Max may just seem like another one of those games, given that the bare bones of this game, are that it is an open world adventure, with plenty of side missions and a skeleton thin main story. However, for me, Mad Max, is so much more; it is a fair representation of the almost none existent dialogue of Max, throughout the first three films and more than just a tribute to the old and the new. I would suggest, that it is an excellent continuation of the franchise, despite its flaws (again, I mention Beyond Thunderdome).
Despite, the story line being wafer thin, it isn't something that you can just rush through quite quickly or would want to. The bulk of the game, centres around levelling up Max and modifying his Magnum Opus, which will eventually lead him to the boss (Scabrous Scrotus), who somehow managed to survive a chainsaw to the head, during his first encounter with Max. The goal for Max, is to retrieve the V8 engine (which he learns that he can win in a race in Gastown), to build the ultimate interceptor and continue on with his lonesome journey of survival.
'Right up until the moment that I realised that the platinum trophy was probably not going to be possible, I was having an absolute blast playing this game; so much so, that I barely played anything else alongside it, as I was so involved in the mission of helping Max to achieve the goal of capturing the V8.'

So then, what did I enjoy about this brutal assault to the senses of a game, you may be asking by now?
Lets put it this way. With any sort of game, where the basic idea is survival of the fittest, whether it is post apocalyptic, survival horror or a good rpg, there is so much that I can relate to because of my own life experiences, that I just get sucked right in, as though it is time for me to personally step up to the next challenge that life is throwing at me. Being a fan of Mad Max, as a film, certainly helped, but it was more than that, that kept me entertained for over 120 hours. The atmosphere of the game is surprisingly boisterous, considering that you spend the majority of the game cruising the desert looking for (not Priscilla) car parts, that will make the Magnum Opus fit enough for the journey to Gastown and this is partly due to the fact that scattered across the wastes there are mass compounds, some heavily guarded, full of enemies, where upon, once inside, things kick off quickly, with Max fighting in a style that will be vaguely familiar to anyone who has played the trio of last gen Batman games released by WB Games. Similar also, is the lack of weapons and an enthusiast on hand to hand combat, which takes a hardcore wrestling approach, with a shot gun or knife as back up for breaking up large crowds and finishing off combos in style. There are also enemies out in the desert in cars, which will occasionally cross your path or sneak up behind you, to give you reason to test out some of the high power Magnum Opus upgrades, such as the side burners or the harpoon; the harpoon can be comical if fired into an enemy driver and ripped back out bringing the driver with its hook.
Are you still with me? This is why I loved playing the game so much. The action is not only explosive, but also graphically brutal....often.

The levelling up of not only Max, but also the Magnum Opus, is not overly done and keeps you in the mind set of just one more side mission, because you really want more ammo for the shot gun or you really want to hear the roar of the next engine upgrade. Its simplistic, but worth every piece of scrap that you salvage and every bone that you break to take over an 
enemy settlement, because you will really feel the benefit from one upgrade to the next. The only complaint that I have, is that once you have maxed out past Road Warrior, you keep levelling up with no further benefits. I went past level 100, which was unnecessary. The theme of the game overall, is borderline psychosis. There is a very ghostly feel to the game at times, with Max having flashbacks and being invited to journey through time and space, by a desert shaman who will release you of your Griffa tokens, which can be used for levelling up such things as health and less fuel usage in the Magnum Opus. Again, once levelled up to about the mid-way point, surviving on the long stretches of desert road becomes so much easier. Add to this the fact that you can fast travel to settlements where you can eventually stock up on all supplies as soon as you enter, the survival element kind of goes out the window, leaving you basically just roaring around smashing peoples jaws and blowing up things, which is still heaps of fun. The world of Mad Max is massive. You will most likely, as I did, look at the world map to begin with and think, one day max and then quickly realise as you are driving, just how ridiculous that initial thought was. There is so much to do and even if the game is bugged, it is still worth a go at full completion; you can at least get every trophy bar the illusive platinum. 'Fuck you WB.' 
Plus, if nothing else, you get to rip around a lawless wasteland, in an Interceptor, with Quasimodo for a side kick.

And this is where I will end. Don't let my rant put you off, if you have yet to play this game. Without the bug, for me it is a classic and a beautiful homage to a world that I have know since I was young. With the bug, it is a slight pain in the ass, that in this day and age, we are still being subjected to such utter shite and expected to part with our cash for something that isn't complete. Enjoy and thanks for reading.

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