Friday, 6 January 2017

Collecting Sealed Video Games (is it worth it)?

Happy New Year and all that jazz. Did you get all the games you wanted for Christmas or like myself, did you buy yourself, all the games that you wanted for Christmas, before Christmas? Whatever the case may be, do you intend to or do you already collect sealed copies of games?

The question of whether it is worth collecting in such a manner is not something new. I have often seen it debated with strong opinions, often from those who are against it. Just yesterday, I posted on Instagram, a sealed copy that I own of Atelier Iris 3, asking how people felt about collecting sealed games. The response was positive, but upon waking today I can see that the debate has fired up again.

I was once told opinions are like arseholes...everybody has one.

If you are into collecting sealed games, then of course you will be for it (I'd like to think so) and if not, then, like most things that you are not into, you will most likely express why this is. The unfortunate thing about Internet debates though, is that people often shout out their mouths, in a manner that they would not, if talking face to face with someone. But having said this, cyber bullying is a topic for another day. Here is my two cents on the question asked. 'Is it worth it, collecting sealed copies of video games?'

Personally I am not too bothered about what you choose to do. If I like something in your collection I will most likely say so and if I do not, then I will most likely just move on to the next thing to amuse myself with. I do collect sealed copies of games, although it is not my intention to go out of my way to seek them out. So with this in mind, here is a list of reasons as to why I collect sealed copies of video games. Feel free to respond in the comments. I like to hear about what people are into when it comes to both gaming and game collecting.

1. If I have played a game or series of games that I have liked and especially invested a lot of hours into, then it may be the case, that I invest in a second sealed copy (if the price is right) to keep as a trophy, in the manner that in modern gaming we can finish a game and then replay it in order to get the platinum, I may want my own special trophy to show off. Typically, the games that I have for this reason are games that I played when I was younger, games from the CD period of the likes of Xbox and PS2 and games that are still at affordable prices. This may also include a special edition of a game, such as the copy of Getting Up that I own, that has the CD soundtrack with it, which cost a total of £7 to own two copies.

2. The game or series of games are no longer easy to come by (especially wild) or maybe in a series of games that I own, there is one title that is the most difficult to find. The series that springs to mind for me is the .hack series that I own; Vol 3 is still sealed. The games themselves are not rare, but because of the continuation in the story-line from one game to the next, the price of the later games can sometimes be so high, that it makes owning them all an expensive hunt. For this reason, until I get to Vol 3, it will most likely remain sealed and may stay this way if I should find a playable copy at a reasonable price, which brings me to the final reason that I collect sealed video games.

3. Financial investment. I do not wish to own every rare game that there is and I certainly wouldn't want to pay the price that it would cost to do so, but there are rare occasions when I seek a game out, because I feel that one day it may be worth some more cash than I have paid for it. It is a risk I know, but if it pays off it is an investment for my son more than myself. I want to own and play as many games that I can, before it ever gets to the point, where I feel like handing it all over to my son (should he want my collection). So these types of sealed games in my collection are few and not high on my list of priorities. With the current trends in collecting and resale, I already own some PS2 titles that are sort after and increasing in value and they are not sealed; games such as Rule of Rose and Kuon. Obviously sealed they are double...triple the price, but fuck, I ain't paying that. 

Happy gaming!

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