Thursday, 5 November 2015

Dead Nation/ The Last Guy/ #Killallzombies/ PS4/ Playstation Now

Roll up, Roll up! It's 3 for the price of one on zombies.

Given that all three are games that I don't expect will give me an ending (well maybe Dead Nation), I have decided to review all three of these extremely fun games together.
Let's begin. I will aim to keep it simple with each one.

Dead Nation  (Housemarque)

A top-down shoot 'em up, using twin stick control of the character for movement and aiming of weapons, which took me a while to get to grips with. I have to admit that at first glance the intro to the game had me intrigued; very film like. Before I downloaded this game onto the PS4, I had no prior knowledge of Dead Nation, given that I had only flirted with PS3, whilst pretending that computer games had become the devil's dirt books. I liked the newsreel on the main screen, adding to the impression that a fucked up zombie film was about to begin. There are a few different options from here. Options such as single, co-op and online games. You can play in campaign, challenge or arcade mode and then select a difficulty (of which there are many), plus a character, male or female. Another little piece of this game feeling film like, is the country ranking on the next screen, showing the numbers of infected. Then you begin and the bubble is burst! I didn't know what to expect and they say that expectations lead to disappointment. It isn't a bad game. It's more the case that it's a game that grows on you, especially if like myself you just have a thing about pumping bullets into zombies. I played a little, got pissed off with getting killed a lot, stopped playing for weeks before attempting a more serious sit down and play. Second time around I got used to the controls. I got used to the environment. Then after a while, especially when I found a shop and realised the true potential of modifying weapons, using explosives and increasing ammo, I began to do what I do best....Massacre zombies like my second name is Romero. 

Likes: hordes of zombies, upgradeable weapons and explosives, loads of money and items to be found in the environment, destructible environment, darkness with a flashlight which creates atmosphere.

Dislikes: Twin stick control (at first). There is a plot (why? Just kill zombies).

The Last Guy  (Sony Computer Entertainment Japan)

Can you remember Nokia phones and the game snake? Around about 2001 onwards, everybody was going snake mad...Except me of course. Why? When you have spent the best part of your life striving to play the best of the best when it comes to console games would you lower your standards to play such a pointless game. It didn't make sense..Until now. Now that I have played The Last Guy. 
 I'll admit, that I am a sucker for anything game wise that hints that there may be zombie activity. Sometimes just clicking download without reading any further than the word zombie. This is another game originally for PS3, that I am streaming to PS4 (thanks to Playstation Now). Once again, it is a game that I had no prior knowledge of. I was all about Xbox, after owning the first and then progressing to the 360, before my temporary computer hiatus. So I am currently playing a lot of PS3 titles and having fun catching up. 
 It's another top down game, with a difference in play that I do not recall coming across previously when it comes to zombie horror. You are in control of The Last Guy (a bit of a superman character) and your job is to move quickly around real world cities collecting up human survivors, avoiding zombies (allegedly) before taking them back to the escape zone where they will be flown away; that's it. Simple. Not! It starts off quite easy to run about and avoid whilst dropping people off, but as you progress through the levels, the zombies (none zombies) change. The new zombies that are added with each level have different ways of attacking you. Ranging from running very quickly, to releasing blinding smog, that fills up the TV screen. What was fairly easy in the beginning, becomes a bit of a frustrating affair, as you curse the TV screen each time you lose about 600 survivors just as you were about to drop them off. However though, it is highly addictive, cheesy fun, as you run about each city with your very own human snake (not centipede), winding in and out of streets, buildings and the odd bit of shrubbery. The aim of this ultimately is to achieve the highest score possible at the end of each level.
A shrubbery!

Likes: It's addictive, it's cheesy, the maps are based on real cities of the earth.

Dislikes: No weapons, the zombies are not really zombies, they're monsters.

#Killallzombies  (Beatshapers)

Finally we get to what is for me the pick of the litter. #killallzombies. And that quite frankly is one of the reasons that I was reincarnated (seriously). It's super rock to play. You will swear over and over, inventing a whole new swearing vocabulary. It is also huge amounts of fun and highly addictive. It is the type of game that should be offered to trauma patients as a form of therapy. If your truma doesn't involve hordes of zombies.
 #Killallzombies is another twin stick shooter with that top down approach to how you view it as you play. The aim of the game is to survive horde after horde of zombie attacks, in an arena type environment, that changes as you level up. Sometimes vehicles will drop out of the sky (such as an ambulance or winnebago), landing either onto the ground, a patch of zombies or your own head. There is ample warning that this is about to happen, but when furiously attempting to run through the smallest of gaps between hordes, can sometimes be missed, with the consequence being that you die prematurely. There are many other environmental changes that will keep you panicking and shooting wildly. The floor is made up of hexagonal shapes which will move in such ways as opening up holes and rising up into cliff like structures that can circle around you boxing you and the undead into together. All such changes can be a blessing or a curse, quickly changing the hunter into the hunted in a matter of seconds. It's nuts! There are many different guns to be used in your attempt to continually level up and score as many points as you can. Some of theses guns, as you pick them up, come with little film references, such as 'get to the chopper'. I thought that this could be a lovely little touch of nostalgia, if you happen to be familiar with the films that they are referencing from. Then there are the perks that come with leveling up. Some perks can be handy, like an M60. 'get to the chopper', for mowing down the masses and others not so handy, like trade your health for perks or instantly die for more xp (depends on your score I suppose).
 I figured after a while though that the game is not all about shooting like a madman coked up (it mainly is), that if you want to make any kind of dent in the scoreboard, then the game requires a level of tactics when using perks and choosing weapons.
 After all that if you wish to, you can make the game even crazier, by streaming it through Twitch, where observers of the game can interact and change the course of play with special voice commands and by voting for the next event that takes place. Personally, I haven't gone this far as of yet, for fear that I may smash the TV if some bum is to interfere with my masacre just because they can.

I have recently started to play games whilst streaming via Twitch and it is actually quite fun. If you happen to be on there, I am CarlosJuanWolf.

Likes: massacre of zombies, on the level of, well mass murder and huge weapon and perks choices, winnebagos, film nostalgia.

Dislikes: the game is very difficult to progress in.

Overall, if you are to play all three titles, you will get a little something of everything zombie horror and have great fun doing so or possibly find that maybe you do have a rage problem. ENJOY!

Fan of any of the above games? Let me know your likes/dislikes in the comments.