Friday, 23 October 2015

Introduction. Why computer games?

'Well, hello world of gamers....'

Before I begin to blog about one of my favourite pass times, I would like to begin with a brief history of who, what, why, where and when.

It was sometime in the 1980's, the above console may or may not of been the one that first hooked me and has forever influenced my mind and my actions since. I was born in 82 and the Atari 5200 was out in this year. All I remember is plugging cartridges in and shooting centipedes, madly pulling the joystick from left to right, then later on, completely off on more than one occasion. By that time though it was the C64 joystick that I was tugging away on.

Like a future drug addict, the damage was done once the gateway had been opened. I progressed quickly from one console (sometimes home computer or handheld) to the next, until finally I couldn't get out of bed without switching the PS2 on first. I was burnt out by the age of 25 and went into a period of computer detox at the age of 28, vowing to never return to my filthy habits..... It was never going to be that simple.

Cue PS4, my now 11 year old son, his desire to have one for Christmas and his wish to keep it at my home so that he has something to play on when he stays over at the weekend. Then after a summer holiday swap, my son taking his PS4 home for 6 weeks and leaving his Xbox 360 at my home, I decided that it was time to get fully back on it and reinvest in another 360 once the swap had come to it's end.
'Some may say that I set myself up to fail.' 

I now also have another Nintendo GameCube with all the Resident Evil titles released to it, an original Xbox and a PS2.

'Currently I own a PS4, PS2, PSP, GameCube, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, Xbox and an Xbox 360.'

Present day 

As many gaming heads like myself have no doubt thought before, it has often crossed my mind that I would like to be paid for having some involvement in what for me is more than just a casual thing to do.

'I am currently flirting with the idea of becoming a video game artist.'

Being paid to play computer games, ideal; the reality of such a thing, pretty shitty. (I did a little rhyme). Instead as I have sat reinvesting time in playing what is becoming a mountain of games for both the PS4 and Xbox 360, as well as living a life outside the closed door of my home (it is possible), I have conjured up a plan that for now should give a little added satisfaction to two of my passions in life; writing and gaming. That plan is to review games I play, games I have played, even consoles, gaming companies and who knows what else my warped little mind may let loose with once the tip tapping of the keyboard keys takes place.

'I attempted YouTube and gave up before I had even started.'

I have loved and probably always will love the survival horror genre of games, of which I have invested huge amounts of time in, really going at it from the moment that I put in Resident Evil on the PS1. Days and nights since have blurred into one. I will pretty much play anything if it appeals to the eye at first. I love RPG's, action adventure, point and click games and anything with the word Fallout in the title (you know that I am counting the days until the call that my pre-ordered Fallout 4 has arrived).

'What a let down Fallout 4 has been. See the review.'

So why do I love to play video games? Well...They are more entertaining than board games and I am a total fantasist. A dreamer. An artist. A creator. I love to let my mind go wild with stories. Even more so in setting after setting that allows this wildness to spin out of control. Books as a child could only quench this thirst for so long. I spent a large percentage of my waking day dreaming and slept often to indulge in dreaming (apparently a shamanic practise from long ago). The more powerful consoles have become, the better the games have become at allowing for this same type of indulgence to continue.

So that's pretty much it for the moment. As the weekend approaches I will begin on my first review of the recently completed Silent Hill: Home Coming. As I have stated, I will review not just the latest games, but also title's that I have played in the past or games that I am re-visiting. If you happen to stop by and fancy interacting with my blog, then feel free to do so and aim to keep it friendly and cleanish; I like a laugh and I am friendly. I will also link other accounts, so that I can interact with other gaming heads, who I am sure can enlighten me as to thing's I have not yet discovered; the likes of Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

For now I must venture out into the working world, before returning with son for some multiplayer madness on Left for Dead. One day I am sure all of this zombie killing knowledge will come in handy. Teach them early, you never know what's around the corner.